Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, hereinafter referred to as the 'Festival,' is organized by the Indonesian non-profit organization Yayasan Mudra Swari Saraswati.

This policy outlines how the Festival collects, processes, stores, and safeguards personal data. Our commitment is to maintain clarity and transparency when requesting personal data, adhering to legal obligations that limit its use solely for the agreed-upon purpose(s) at the time of submission.

Please note that individuals are not obliged to share their personal data with us. However, providing certain personal data enhances our ability to offer the best possible service.

This policy was last revised in September 2023.
What is Personal Data?

Personal Data encompasses any information that can identify an individual, either directly or indirectly. This typically includes basic identifiers such as name and contact details (e.g., address, phone number, or email) but may also encompass more specific information based on an individual's engagement with us.

When and how does the Festival collect personal data?

We may request personal data in various common scenarios, including:

1) When purchasing tickets for our events.

2) When subscribing to our mailing lists.

3) When enrolling in engagement, participation, or volunteer programs.

4) When submitting job applications to the Festival.

5) When becoming a supporter, member, or donor.

During these interactions, we provide clear information about the data we collect and the reasons for its collection.

How does the Festival use captured images, and when are individuals recorded?

For promotional purposes, such as using print materials like flyers and sharing content on social media platforms like Flickr to increase accessibility, we may capture images of individuals during event photography or video recording. By entering the venue and/or attending any Festival-related event, Festival pass, or ticket for a Special Event, individuals consent to being photographed, filmed, or recorded. They grant permission to the Festival, its affiliates, and authorized parties to use such media without compensation or credit, including in worldwide media communication and exploitation. If someone prefers not to be included in such recordings, they can approach a Festival staff member or volunteer. These staff members can be identified by their Festival lanyards and can provide guidance on excluding individuals from images.

If an individual does not wish to be featured in such publicly shared images, they should contact our team via email at, specifying the photos or videos they want to have removed.

What information does the Festival Website Collect from Visitors?

When visiting our website, the following data may be automatically collected:

1) IP address

2) Referring website (if accessed via a link)

3) Web browser and device. Cookies (see below)

4) Date and time of visit

5) Pages visited

6) Geographical location

This statistical data is collected to better understand visitor interests and is retained for the necessary duration to serve this purpose.

What are cookies, and can individuals decline them?

Cookies are small files that request permission to be placed on a device's hard drive. They help analyze web traffic and track visits to specific websites. The Festival uses cookies to identify which pages are visited, facilitating data analysis and website improvement. Cookies do not provide access to an individual's computer or personal information other than what they choose to share.

Individuals can opt to accept or decline cookies by modifying their web browser settings. Declining cookies may limit some website functionality.

Does this policy apply to third-party websites?

Our website and electronic communications may include links to third-party websites not operated or controlled by us ("Third Party Sites"). This policy does not apply to such sites, and the Festival is not responsible for the content or data processing activities of Third Party Sites.

How does the Festival store personal data, and how is it kept secure?

The Festival operates a secure, cloud-based, and closed IT system managed by a centralized IT Administrator. Our internally managed ticketing and CRM system ensures that most data processing remains in-house, with minimal reliance on third parties.

Why and when does the Festival process personal data?

We process personal data to:

1) Fulfill contracts (e.g., ticket sales) involving name, address, contact details, and relevant access information.

2) Communicate on a consent basis, including elements of direct marketing.

3) Fulfill legal obligations, such as employment or engagement details and safeguarding data.

In specific cases, we may seek additional information related to select individuals as part of our efforts to understand potential supporters of the Festival. This may include data on bookings, interests, previous festival visits, residence, career, donations, among others.

What are individuals' data rights and how can they exercise them?

Data subjects possess legal rights regarding their data held by us: The right to request access to their personal data, the right to request corrections to their data and the right to request the erasure of their data (with exceptions for employee records and financial transaction records).

To exercise these rights, individuals should contact us using the details provided in the "Contact" section below, accompanied by proof of identity.

Individuals dissatisfied with our data processing have the right to lodge a complaint through email at

Do third-party service providers meet specific standards?

We engage reputable third-party service providers to fulfill contracts, and they must meet our data security standards. These providers operate on our behalf and may handle data for specified services. We share quantitative and qualitative data with public sector bodies for funding support, often anonymized and in compliance with funding conditions. Data may also be shared with partner organizations if individuals provide consent or opt out directly with the partner organization.

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