Live-Recorded Conversations from UWRF 2023 Launch!

If you missed a moment of enlightenment or entertainment at this year’s Anniversary Festival, we’ve got you covered. Our 2023 festival highlights program brings a collection of captivating conversations by local and international Festival guests directly to your home. With lively talks and reflections aimed at understanding the past, our present, and how our words and actions shape the future.

Starting with one of the intimate events from the Festival, we hope you enjoy listening to our '20 Years Reflection,' where we recall the humble beginnings, surprises, and future of our Festival.

Episodes are released weekly and are available to listen to on Spotify and Simplecast, and to watch on YouTube. Sign up for our e-news or follow us on Instagram or X so you don't miss any new episodes.

While reconnecting with beloved writers and thinkers, please consider making a donation to support our festival. As a non-profit organization, we rely on your generous support to bring talented writers to Ubud each year, enabling us to host insightful talks and panels, like the one you are about to enjoy. Click here to make a donation and other ways you can support.

Watch the first released episode, '20 Years of UWRF: A Reflective Celebration,' recorded at the Indus Stage on Sunday, 22 October.
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